PAXy - Into the Wild


Wake Up Miami!

PAXy is a non-profit organization based in South Florida, every year they produce an event called Wakeup Miami, three months of free public art in Miami's main train station.

March 2020

In 2020 when the city canceled public gatherings, PAXy couldn’t produce their anual event. Yet, they wanted to keep moving the independent art scene in Miami, so they set to produce a series of 7 videos featuring local artist improvising in one the most magical places of the whole country: South Florida's Everglades

PAXy x Cifarra

We flew down South and filmed for a whole month musicians, dancers, painters, crocodiles, alligators and wild birds in the swamp land.


Since then the series have been touring festivals around the country and had its great premiere at Miami's The Wall, a public Cinema a few blocks away from the beach.

True to PAXy's core mission:

"Free public art for everyone"

We have collaborated again with PAXy, and look forward to more projects together.

Watch the series here.

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