LivingAway Festival - Case Study


The Cancelled Festival

In February 2020, William and Gabriela were working on the second edition of their festival called Living Away.

A project that'd would bring artists living away from their home countries to create together for a week.

We were supposed to document the whole process.

But in March the whole world collapsed because of some virus coming from China.

The festival was gonna be canceled…

- Except that nobody adapts to inconvenience like immigrants.

LivingAway x Cifarra

They asked us if we could help them build a platform to do the festival online.
We didn’t have the resources to have a team of developers working against the clock.
So we decided to go with this software that we had been playing for a bit called Webflow.
For managing access and tickets to the festival we adopted a tool called Memberstack.

We used a few other low/no-code technologies to bring together the interactive experience. (Ironically, this workflow is what got me back into coding)

For the team, we brought in Lisett Ledón to take on the art direction, and Travis Dykes to help us with styling inside Webflow.

We ended up with a site that worked as a playground for creators, we had videos, livestreams, interactive experiences,  and so much more..

At the end the platform hosted 30 artists from all over the world and welcomed hundreds of people who enjoyed LivingAway  for that week.

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